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Hi there!  Thank you for visiting our website and for taking interest in our 100% grass-fed AND finished beef!

First, a little background about us, your farmers:

Berge's Beef is a 3rd generation family farm from Colfax, WI and consists of Chad, Holly, Aubrey, & Landon Berge.  In 2014, we bought the small herd of 10 Scottish Highland from Chad's dad, who had originally purchased them about 20 years ago.  We have since grown our herd to nearly 70 head of cattle and it's not slowing down anytime soon!  The cattle are raised on the 160-acre farm that Chad grew up on and where his parents still reside.  Of that 160 acres, roughly 90 of it is pasture for our cattle to graze.  We are located about halfway between Colfax & Bloomer, just north of Hwy 40.  If you're ever in the area, drive on by and see the cattle out in the pasture - it's a beautiful sight!

Chad grew up a farmer and it's in his blood - he truly has a deep connection and respect for the land.  That desire to work with the environment led him to pursue a degree from UW-Platteville in Reclamation.  In addition to owning & operating Berge's Beef, he also works full time off the farm in the land conservation field, assisting with fellow farmers and landowners in the Eau Claire area.

Holly - Me!  While I did not grow up living on a farm like Chad did, I did spend quite a bit of time at my Grandma's farm in rural Sauk County picking strawberries and feeding the barn cats.  I am proud to say that it has been recognized as a Wisconsin Century Farm (it has been in our family for over 100 years!) and I cannot imagine life without 'The Farm'!  There truly is no better place to own a piece of God's country than in the beauty of Wisconsin's rural landscape.

We also have a few pint-sized little helpers on the farm: our 8 year old daughter Aubrey and 5 year old son Landon.  Aubrey loves nothing more than taking four-wheeler or tractor rides to move the cattle to the next pasture or feed them a bale of hay.  And it's safe to say that little Landon is OBSESSED with tractors and anything to do trucks, cows, and we can already tell that farming is in his blood.  Their love of animals and the outdoors is evident and we wouldn't be surprised if they become 4th generation farmers!

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