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At Berge's Beef we raise Scottish Highland Beef Cattle.  When describing them, we usually say "the ones with the long hair and big horns!".  They truly are gentle giants.


We get this question quite often and we always give the same answer: they are the ideal breed of cattle to raise on grass and do very well in the cold Wisconsin winters.  Their long hair keeps them plenty warm during the colder months, which is also why they do not require the extra fat some cattle get from eating corn and grain. 



Highland come in a variety of colors, including red, white, brindle, dunn, and black.  Their hair can get up to 13" long, and they shed the top layer during the summer months.


Both male and females have horns, which help them forage for food and dig into the pastures through the snow during the winter.


Another amazing benefit of owning Scottish Highland is their longevity.  They can live for upwards of 20 years, and can even calve into their 18th year!  The average number of calves per cow is 12, so we typically have low herd replacement costs.

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