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Whether you are looking to order a quarter, half, or whole animal from us - or maybe just some burger, we would love to fill your freezer with the best dang beef you've ever had!
As always, our meat is 100% grass-fed/finished and locally born & grazed in Colfax, WI

Our happy herd living their best life!
Burger squares
Burger squares
Burger squares


*Updated February 28, 2023*



{Processed by Conrath Quality Meats}


FEB 8 - JUNE 27 - SEPT 19

OCT 24 - NOV 28

{Processed by Conrath Quality Meats}





*Pricing does not include processing. See below for a breakdown of what a 1/4, 1/2, or whole would cost.

Vacuum sealed burger squares from Conrath Quality Meats!


Our average hanging weight for a whole animal has been right around 700 pounds. So let's do a little math:

1/4 of 700 = 175

If you're purchasing a QUARTER, your APPROXIMATE cost would be:

175lbs hanging weight* x $4.75 = $831.25 (plus processing, as shown next)

Processing costs are also based on hanging weight (fees set by Conrath Quality meats) @ $.89/lb + a butcher fee of $20 per quarter.

So - $.89 x 175 = $155.75, plus the $20 butcher fee = $175.75 processing costs

$831.25 + $175.75 = $1,007 total investment per quarter.

Oh - and we pick up the meat from the processor when it is ready and pay for the processing on your behalf so that you are only making one payment, right to us.

We always want to stress that the hanging weight varies from each animal and we will not know what that will be until after the animal is taken to the processor.  There have been smaller animals that were only 152 pounds for a quarter, but also some of our biggest steers have had 204 pound quarters!  

*Hanging weight is what the animal weighs prior to it being cut into burger, roasts, steaks, etc.

The actual weight of the meat you receive will be approximately 60-65% of the hanging weight.  But again, this varies as well.

Here is a sample of a quarter that we had processed for ourselves recently, just to give to you an idea of what the options can look like:

72lbs burger

5 chuck roasts @ ~ 3lbs each

1 package short ribs @ ~ 3lbs

1 rump roast @ ~ 3lbs

2 packages of 2 T-bone steaks (2 per package) @ ~ 7.5lbs total

1 beef tenderloin steak @ ~ 1lb

2 packages sirloin steak @ ~ 4lbs total

3 packages of 2 ribeye steaks @ ~4.5lbs total

= approximately 113lbs total actual meat

(This quarter had a hanging weight of 175.5lbs)

Your bulk orders can be customized however you would like (beef patties, thicker steaks, more burger, soup bones, etc - however anything that is not standard does have additional processing costs that we can chat about if you're interested.

As always, don't hesitate to reach out to us with any questions!

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