The short answer:  Our 100% grass-fed and finished beef is lean, local, healthy, and our animals are humanely raised.


The long answer:  The benefits of consuming grass-fed meat are nearly endless. 

First - the process in which the animals are raised is environmentally beneficial because we rotationally graze the cattle between pastures.  This reduces soil erosion and while the cattle are grazing, they are also stomping their "excess nutrients" back into the ground (yay free fertilizer!).  Since we consider ourselves stewards of the land, we want to treat the land in such a way that farmers for generations to come will benefit from our care of it today. 

Second - Our beef may actually help you lose weight!  Grass-fed beef is scientifically proven to be leaner & lower in fat and calories than traditional grain-fed beef contains more vitamins A & E.  It also contains higher levels of the ever-important omega-3 fatty acids, which helps lower cholesterol and high blood pressure, and has been shown to decrease the risk of diabetes and cancer.

Third - Our animals are living the life of cattle royalty!  They graze on open pastures, consuming nothing but the highest quality grasses, and live an extremely low-stress life.  Most meat you buy from the grocery store is from animals who were raised in a confined feedlot and fed tons of grain to fatten them

up.  If you reference back to our happy herd page, we also discuss why Scottish Highlands are an ideal breed of cattle to raise as grass-fed.  Due to their long hair, they simply do not need the excess fat that grain would provide to keep them warm in the winter months.

Finally - We're local!  Buying local - whether it be food, clothing, furniture, whatever! - helps support not only the business owner, but the entire community, because money that is spent local, tends to stay local.  You can also trust that we work very hard to make sure we are delivering the highest quality products we can.

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